Wednesday, December 05, 2012

12.05.12 | DPP 2012

Tonight we finished putting the ornaments on the tree, Daniel and Holden REALLY enjoyed putting the ornaments on.  Mostly climbing the ladder and putting them on...SO the tree was pretty heavy at one height :-)  Don't worry I evened it out as they left the room...

This season is so fun, but also has it's challenges, we tend to have more outings, later nights, and sometimes more sugar, so we get tired, grumpy, and sometimes whiny.  But the fun times are fun, and I need to remember protein and rest throughout the day!  And live in the moments, the sweet, sweet ones.  The ones where little guys throw their arms around you and say, "Mama, I LOVE you!"

I won't say who is the grumpiest without sleep, but it might just be the only girl in this house;-P

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