Friday, December 14, 2012

12.14.12 | DPP 2012

The past few years, the weeks after thanksgiving have been packed!  I have felt so busy that I have neglected to do the family stuff, or neglected to really enjoy it if we did do it!  This year, I am slowing down, saying no and just enjoying the simple things with my boys:-)  It is such a treat.  Tonight, we ventured out to dinner, and then off to see some Christmas lights!  It was a fun SLOW evening, the boys were up past their bedtime, and then in the quiet as they slept Tom and I enjoyed a movie.  I love this time of year and I am thankful that this year I am learning to be quiet and enjoy, quiet and reflect on God's goodness and His promises.

I have no words for the tragedies that happened in the world today, including in our own country.  My heart is broken.  I hold tight to the promise of God's bigger plan.  I hold my children a little longer tonight and savor their sweetness.  Their wonder at the simplest things.  

And the words of Holden, "It makes me sad when people don't believe in God.", "But that's why we have to talk about Jesus, like the disciples.  So people will know Him".  Yes my sweet boy you are exactly right.

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