Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tahoe Trip | Day ONE

OK So we know we have it good...with Tom working from home, we have some luxuries not afforded others, we can sometimes take off in the middle of the week!  We also have some GREAT friends!  

SO, on with the story.  Our friends relatives could not use their timeshare for the week in Tahoe, so they asked would we be interested in all or part of the week?  Um YES!  We headed up, a little later than planned, Holden had minimum day on Thursday, we tried to get right out of town, hehe.

The drive seemed long, it actually wasn't too bad and there was already a TON of snow!  Yay!  I forgot a lot of things, including boots of any kind for Holden, he was wearing his CROCS!  So we ventured to the BIGK and got him some new snow boots.

We arrived, and I quickly made our dinner, and we put the kids to bed:-)  Then I sat by the fire for the rest of the night:-)  It was GLORIOUS!

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