Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tahoe Trip | DAY THREE

This morning I woke up to THIS outside my window!  I was EXCITED!  BUT we needed to make it home today, and the storm was expected to get worse and worse throughout the day, so up and at 'em we got.

This guy was up early reading:-)  That's what he's pretty AWESOME!  I love it, he DEVOURS books.

Everytime I opened the door to take pics, the carpet got covered in snow:-)

This is what it looked like as we were, I mean as Tom was packing the car:-)  Have I mentioned I was born in the desert??? What is this white stuff?

On the way to the car, WHERE did my feet go???

Which one is ours?  At this point they all look the same, WHITE and covered:-)  I was getting NERVOUS, were we REALLY going to drive home in this?  Over the pass and down the mountain?

THIS is BEAUTIFUL, if only we didn't have to drive home!

In my mind THIS road looks DICEY!  I wanted to find another hotel to stay at and just stay in the snow, go home when the storm stopped...the's Dec. 22 AND the storm was going to rage UNTIL Christmas day I believe! 

Ahhh finally on I-80...only to find it STOPPED...The road news said expect 3hour delays, quick!  Where do we get off?  Oh wait, NONE of the off ramps are plowed???  Oy!  I KNEW I should have made Tom stop for a restroom break!  EEK!

Don't worry we all made it to the first plowed offramp we saw, but it was AWHILE, I was thinking of alternative devices that we might have in the car, and I may NEVER travel without some sort of receptacle again!  OK enough of that talk!

6.5 hours later we pulled up to Grandmere's still 40 or so minutes from home, but safe and sound, we let the boys get out and RUN around with the cousins for awhile!  THEY NEEDED it!  We did too!

So a 2 hour trip became 7+, but we made it!  AND trust me the time away, and the breather from "real" life was TOTALLY worth it!  Thank you friends who offered us this time!

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