Friday, December 21, 2012

Tahoe Trip | Day TWO

This is what I woke up to this morning:-)  I took a few pics with my phone, and then I had to get my "real" camera.  SO amazing!

After "sleeping" in, we finally got dressed and headed out.  We had found this breakfast spot on our last getaway here...It did not disappoint again!  I would recommend getting there by 10, because after that it got PACKED!

"I believe we ordered the LARGE hot chocolates?  HELLO!"

They didn't complain obviously:-)

Seriously if you are in the area check it out!

On our way back to the timeshare, I made Tom stop the car, so I could take some pictures, I love the blue and white, SO beautiful!

Then of course HOLDEN HAD to get out!  He couldn't wait to throw some snowballs:-)

By this time it was getting a bit stormy, it was COLD and windy!  We headed up to a nearby resort, and the boys and Tom investigated while I stayed in the car:-/  They found this "gondola" we could ride for free from the resort to a ski lift area.  The boys had GREAT fun going for a ride in this "car"

After that it was time for much needed naps!  Cold and snow play makes for VERY tired boys:-)  Once they woke up they were ready to head out!  Daniel was ready in his snow gear:-)

This guy woke up refreshed an ready as well:-)

After some more snow play we decided to head to PIZZA for dinner, back down to Heavenly Village we went, we wanted to check out BaseCamp Pizza...

LOOK how much snow had fallen:-)  It was still coming down, SO fun!  I was glad I WASN'T driving though!

I'm a sucker for natural patterns:-)

Ice and light patterns:-)

Just a light dusting on the car...remember people I AM FROM THE DESERT!!!!!  I don't know ANYTHING about snow except for romanticized notions about White Christmases and Cozy snow spinning around as snow lightly falls and letting it land on your tongue, yeah, no reality.

Again with the BIG drinks!  He was HAPPY...He wouldn't eat the cherry:-)  Was fascinated by it, but was convinced it had a pit, I didn't make him eat it, those things scare me!

The Pizza, might have been the best BBQ chicken pizza I've ever had!  And they had a dark beer on tap!  GREAT place!

After we got the kids to bed we sat by the fire and I finished patching these jeans for a friend!  Now she doesn't have to fret about holey jeans!  AND we actually watched a movie, that I STAYED awake for!  Yay for vacation!  YAY for escaping holiday madness and being with my loves with nothing to do but play, eat and be:-)

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