Saturday, December 01, 2012

Tree Hunt 2012

So yes, I know we usually go right after Thanksgiving, but that didn't happen this year, SO we picked the wettest weekend of the year to go out looking for a tree:-)  We headed up to Robert's Tree farm to hunt and cut our own tree.  Of course we headed out with Beth and Josh...It's not a tree hunt without them!

We were all bundled and ready to go:-)

Did I mention it was WET??? Oh yeah so wet I didn't want to take my good camera out, so iPhone pics are all you get!

Oh yeah and I was sporting the Bomber jacket from the 90's :-) Maybe 80's I can't really remember.

I did say it was WET, right?  Next time OUR family needs to remember umbrellas, AND wear our jackets properly! Holden was SOAKED!

Miraculously I picked a tree at the start of the hunt, BUT Tom veto'd it!  This is so tables turned for us, usually we look and look AND look and I become frustrated that I am not going to fin THE tree.  But Tom kept saying we drove 87 hours (slight exaggeration!) to get here we are staying AT LEAST an hour!  Oh don't worry we got our time in!  Enough to get soaked to the bone!  Remember the bomber? It was QUITE soggy by the end, my cute hat was sopping, and my jeans soaked.  BUT we had a GREAT time, AND my mended rain boots kept my feet dry!  YAY duct tape and gorilla glue! (tangent sorry!)

Here's the tree Tom found, and I loved too!  The annual cutting down picture:-)

Holden posing by our "downed" tree he wanted SO badly to yell "TIMBER" as it fell:-)  BOYS!

Tom was showing off carrying the tree with one hand!

Oh yeah this guy was there too, not too keen on the rain or his rainboots, there was a lot of carrying and hand holding:-)

By the end we were pretty well sopped...but all were in good spirits!  I was pleasantly surprised!

The love of my life, nice and soaked from helping Josh cut down their sopping wet tree!  If you brushed against any branches a gallon of water came pouring down on you!

They had these mini trees for 3-10 dollars!  We got this little guy for $3!  Holden was SO excited to put lights on it and will decorate it tomorrow!  It sits in their room... 

 Beth and Josh found a great tree too!
  We ventured home, by way of lunch, warmed up and started the decorating!  I love unpacking Christmas, mostly because i buy most of my stuff after Christmas, and immediately tuck it away, so sometimes it's like Christmas just opening the decorations:-)

 We ended the day with our first Scripture chain reading, we are doing a countdown chain that has some themed scripture for each day!  I am excited because Holden is old enough to talk about the meaning and relate the scriptures to our lives.  

And yes its rainy and cold and they still sleep in their underwear...I really have NO IDEA.

Happy first day of December!  I pray this Advent season brings Peace, Hope, Joy and the LOVE of the saviour into your home and your hearts!

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Jo Little said...

precious. I lvoe that in NoCal you can cut your own tree that did not happen in SoCal. Your tree is great love the really spaced out ones like that... Don't know what they are called :)