Thursday, January 17, 2013

Family Bike Ride

Today we went for a late afternoon bike ride, the boys were excited!  It was COLD!  BUT of course my 3 year old tried to refuse a jacket, and HE did get out of the house WITHOUT socks!  But hey we did it!

All was great until Daniel got too cold...he was whiny and wanted to head home, UNTIL Holden reminded him of the jumps, and said we should check them out because it had been raining.  Now, you have to understand I was on a bike with a TRAILER bike on it, and Daniel on said trailer bike!  It's not easy to ride with him on the dirt trails.  So we headed to the jumps, things were fine, then we headed to see the dam...and it got MUDDY, and I was slipping, and then finally I slipped!  And the bike went down with both of us on it.  Daniel WAS NOT happy...I'd love to say I handled it with GRACE but unfortunately it was not so...I wasn't too happy with my husband!  BUT he got us back to the trail, and I kept my mouth shut, so as not to make the problem worse...and I prayed and by the time I returned home all I cared about was warming up my youngest, and appreciating that it is JANUARY, and we went on a bike ride, and everyone has FUN memories of that day.  No one is traumatized, we have been on the bike again.  All is good, God is good, and practicing Thankfulness is a SURE FIRE mood changer:-) 

We snuggled on the couch, by the fire, while daddy made us dinner!  I love that man! :-)  One of my favorite things about him is he pushes me beyond my perceived limits...see above for evidence that sometimes it doesn't work, but many times it does:-)

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