Friday, January 11, 2013

Grandpere's Birthday - Kings Game

Tuesday was Grandpere's Birthday you might have seen it here, so we decided to take him to a Kings game on Thursday!  Well Tom decided, and then he decided that the two boys would be sad to miss so he included them, and then since the littlest guy was going it was decided that I got to go to help with him:-)

 Ready for some fun!

Funny faces!

Getting ready for it to start!

Two boys with no hair:-)

The people in front of us got ice cream, so these two wanted some, and we obliged:-)

This guy got REALLY messy!

And the game went into OVERTIME!

The guys!  I think Grandpere had fun:-)

There are rumors that this might be the last season the Kings are here, that would be sad.  But no matter what it was a fun day, and the boys were VERY thrilled to help Grandpere celebrate his birthday!:-)

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