Sunday, April 28, 2013

iPhone Tales : 17

Some tidbits from my morning devotionals:-)

A call to teachers/leaders, it's a big responsibility and calls us to a higher standard.

My "green" smoothie, I didn't have enough greens in my garden to actually make it "green" :-)

This guy, he tells me he loves me a hundred, okay maybe a handful of, times a day, but it doesn't get any sweeter:-)  Today, I didn't have Daniel, so we stopped for a treat before Piano:-)

He didn't make it to dinner this day, slept all the way until his alarm the next day!  This is usually a result of playing with Cousin A all day! :-)

Sometimes, this is my view:-)

Someday soon I will be watching this with no power lines or street lights, with farm animal noises in the background:-)

EVERYONE loves reading, this is before school, their treat for being ready on time:-)

Waiting for him to finish his chapter so he can go to school:-)  Seriously we have to make him stop reading sometimes, you know, so he will talk to us, play outside, socialize:-)

Hosea 3:1, never read this book before.  Soaking it in.  Hard stuff to read, but SO amazing!

Holden showing me the hole under his big toe in his crocs, guess it's time for some new shoes!

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