Monday, November 18, 2013

Back to Preschool

This past Monday Holden was out of school for parent conferences...SO he got to go back to preschool!  He was SO excited!  I think Ms. Wendy was too!  On Sunday while we were praying Holden prayed, "Thank you God that I get to be in Holden's class and see and old friend:-)"  He LOVES Ms. Wendy just like we all do!

They were learning about Native Americans on this particular day, and Ms. Wendy had planned a Pow-Wow.  I heard Holden was a BIG helper:-)  

Apparently he and Ms. Wendy teamed up and Holden demonstrated a dance, they called it the "crow Hop"  all the kids joined in after he showed them how it was done, it was so cute!

Thank you Ms. Wendy for letting Holden come back and experience preschool again, and letting Daniel show off his big brother, and most of all for being a friend to the little guys and me as well!
We love you!

What a fun day!

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