Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hidden Falls

Beth and I took the kids on a hike for Veteran's Day:-)  I made sure to get a before, because the hike isn't too terrible but for little 4 year old legs its pretty long!  It was a beautiful fall day!

LOVE this picture!  We found water!  Notice Holden my once timid boy, yes he has become ALL boy!  He was practically in the water:-)  We were about half way at this point...

YES playing in the icy cold water!

 Ahhh we made it to the falls!  We stopped here a minute then went down to the area that is a calm pool of water and all the kids stuck their feet in the icy water, and enjoyed a snack..

MJ how did you get SO BIG!  LOVE this girly girl, with some spunk and grit mixed in:-)  

Notice I did not capture the way back?  It included both 4 year olds crying and whining, MOST of the way, thank goodness for Beth and her bag of snacks to keep them going!  What a FUN morning!

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