Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Cheer, small house style:-)

SO as you know, we went to India the first two weeks of December, and then we had a week of sickness.  That's not really the excuse, because we have been talking about a "simple" Christmas since we moved:-)  But with all that was going on it was forced, and I was unable to complicate it even if I tried!  Which I probably did!

We have NO room for a tree, I had thought of getting a potted tree but even then it would have lived on our deck, not inside.  We toyed with decorating the pine at the end of our driveway but realized no that was to big.  SO I had an idea.  What if we hung a branch or two from said tree on our wall.  So that is what we did, it turned out super cute!  Holden and I made some snowflakes which we hung in the window, which I love so much I may do that every year! 

Our friends brought us a small potted tree that sits nicely on our dining table:-) I am hoping to plant it on our property to enjoy for years to come!

We hung the stockings under the "tree"...well I did you can tell because one is way off of level with the rest:-)

Holden read the Christmas story from Luke, a tradition adopted from Tom's family I LOVE.

And this is where our Christmas cards go.  I have loved receiving cards from family and friends, it's fun to see the images of my clients come in through the mail as well:-) Since this picture they have crept around to the front of the cabinets!  Maybe I will get ours out as a new years card!

It was fun having a quiet simple Christmas.  And then we headed to Beth's where we had a sweet time with a family walk, and I joined the kids in a little wii dance game, before settling down for delicious food and great family time:-)  We are truly blessed beyond measure.

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