Friday, January 10, 2014

By Chance

It was "by chance" that my friends husband got sick
It was "by chance" she invited me to go in his place
It was "by chance" it was't just any concert
It was "by chance"...

Wait, I don't believe "by chance". I believe in a God who knows me so personally that those "by chance" moments are actually orchestrated by Him. I believe God knew I needed to be reminded last night to look outside myself.  I believe that He knew the moment I saw those kids on the screen I would be transported back to India.  That as I listened to the high school kids share of their experiences in Nicaragua, I would realize, they put words to the thoughts in my heart. That the humble and loving spirit of the musicians would speak volumes to my soul.  That the songs of pure worship would resonate in a room at a gala for a public school. That as the evening wore on I would wish for it to never end.  That as two grown men, improvised a personal song to the high school kids who give of themselves, hearts would be moved, and He would be giving them a glimpse of His own love through these two musicians.

I believe in a personal God, one who gives us circumstances, and moments, to mold us, to show us, and to change us as He lays out the story of our lives, and as we take next step after next step, if we listen to Him, we get to partner with Him.  On a journey that His word promises is good, and that someday we might just see the picture He is weaving.  But until then I will be happy to recognize all the "by chance" moments are little whispers from Him of His love, and of His plan.  And hopefully I will remember that in His timing it is perfect.  You see since returning from India I want to know, "What next God, what are we supposed to do with what we learned, will we forget, will life just move on the same way?"  I feel like last night was a whisper that said, "If your eyes are open, I won't let you forget."  I believe India, and last night, and many moments over the last year or so God is molding me, preparing me for something mission and life related...After all I believe thats the call on all of us.  And although I want clear direction a indisputable THIS IS THE PLAN, I am learning to be content in the journey and wait as I listen and look for that next "by chance" moment.

Wow all this from a benefit gala put on by high school students!  If you have never heard of "kids helping kids" check it out here. Brad Corrigan performed with Jon Foreman AND an awesome Cellist, Keith Tutt.

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