Sunday, January 05, 2014

Ice Skating!

When Beth asked if we wanted to go Ice Skating up at Northstar, we knew we did, we knew it would be fun, and we knew it would be good to get away from the "work" that seems never ending at home:-)
It also helps to feel a little more like winter to see some (very little) snow.
We have never taken the boys ice skating so I didn't know what to expect with how the would do or how long they would want to do it.

These kids LOVE being together!  They can't get enough and it's super cute.  MJ likes to "help" me keep the boys in line:-)

We parked...rode the bus to the main area, then got right to getting skates.  It was a long line, but Beth and I got to talk while waiting:-)  It's a bonus to get to chat while in line!  Daniel was sure he didn't want to even try skating, but thankfully we ignored him and got him skates because well he's 4, and changes his mind a lot.

Once we got everyone skates we started the huge task of getting everyone laced up and ready to go.  Beth's technique was quite funny:-)  MJ and I had fun with it!

Once Holden went around a few times he was good to go.  AND he didn't mind falling...all good things when you are learning to ice skate!

This guy had to fuel up first.  He still wasn't sure if he wanted to go, so we hung around and I took pictures:-)

Meanwhile everyone else was skating away.  It's actually A LOT of work skating with kids who have never gone!  Slow steady work, but fun too!

MJ picked it up fast and was off to try different techniques.

There was LOTS of time to chat as we went round and round.

Once Daniel went out, he didn't want to stop, unless of course for a snack!  He never really got the skating part, but he loved being pushed around by us!

There were some falls...

When it was time to go there were tears, everyone was over tired and worn out, they skated for almost 4 hours! They keep asking if we can go again tomorrow:-)

As the end of the day approached and the sun went down, it got REALLY cold for us Californians!

We headed to dinner on the way home, stopping at Fifty Fifty Brewery.  I am not sure if its just getting my appetite and my taste buds back but the food was DELISH!

It was a SUPER fun day with these crazy boys and the Peterson family!  Thanks for the idea Beth!

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