Thursday, May 15, 2014

Holden the Brave

Over the last week, Holden had to have 3 baby teeth pulled.  He was amazingly brave.  You love your kids, and you know they are amazing, but sometimes, they still make you say, "wow, he is really amazing, and brave." Holden's heart is so kind, but mostly it is so aware of God's presence and His power.

When we got to the dentist, he admitted he was nervous and a bit anxious, so in the car we prayed before we went out.  We asked for peace, comfort, and God's provision.  Instantly Holden's demeanor changed, I mean he was still "nervous talking", you know the constant no breath uttering of anything and everything, but he was noticeably calmer.

In the office the staff all commented on how calm and happy he was, how he was always smiling and ready.  How he didn't seem nervous at all.  He really did great, I had no idea how they got those teeth out, now that I do...Let's just say I hope we are done with teeth pulling. 

Afterwords he was smiley, and after the first appt, he was ready to go back for the second!  He especially loved all the prizes and attention he got, as well as the movie they let him watch, and the ice cream and smoothies we had after:-)  The second round was a little harder on him, but he did say he was disappointed no more teeth pulled for a while.  The Smile Gallery really knows how to give kids an experience that makes them LOVE the dentist!

It's amazing to me how strong kids are.  I was SO nervous for him I felt sick to my stomach...Oh the difficulties of being a parent.

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O'Connor said...

What a brave boy! I probably would have cried!