Friday, August 04, 2006

First Week

Holden is one week old! This week has been so unbelievable for us...words cannot describe...Tom and I feel closer to each other and closer to God than ever before...To watch a baby being born of your own body is so surreal and then to take them home and care for them is unexplainable. Can you tell I am in love? We have been so blessed by Holden's birth he is so perfect! This week has had its challenges though...sleepless nights, recovery issues for me...and emotional adjusting just to name a few...But each day I am reminded of our creator's awesome gifts and seems like even in times when it all seems overwhelming He intercedes, whether its a time to pray that seems to be proivided (or the only option when screaming continues for hours on end:-)) or whether it is a much needed phone call from a friend reminding me that weepiness and emotional days are normal and expected.

My parents left this week after my mom being here for 3 weeks and my dad for almost a week...having my mom here was such an awesome help...I got naps, laundry got done, meals were prepared...I have an awesome husband but when we were both exhausted it was really nice to have my mom doing stuff:-)

Toms mom has been here as well, they live just 20 minutes up the hill from us...and has provided meals and groceries as well...we really are blessed with a very loving and selfless family!

Tom's sister FINALLY got to see and hold Holden this week! He was in the nursery when they visited the hospital and of course we put her to work doing a flower arrangement when she visited us at home:-) Her daughter Makenna is interested in when Holden will be ready to play with his big cousin...she has much to teach him!

Like I said it has been an amazing week and we couldn't feel more blessed or touched by God's amazing gifts...sleepless nights are nothing when you get to look in Holden's face and imagine all the things we will do together as a family

My mom and dad come back at the end of next week as we are going to Napa for a dear friends will be Holden's first big outing! Posted by Picasa

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