Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Two Weeks Old!

Two weeks have passed since Holden's birth! Amazing...time goes by so fast! Today we went to the Dr for his 2 week check up and everything looks great! He has gained his birth weight back plus half a pound! He is at 8lbs 4 oz.! He is healthy and everything looks good! Dr. said keep doing what you are doing...
We have had some sleepless nights but overall it has not been too bad...He wakes up to eat about every 2-4 hours and then most of the time goes right back to sleep...when he doesn't Tom is very good at settling him down and getting him to sleep...Tom's mom says it is payback for the many nights she walked around with Tom when he was a baby:-)

We have started to recieve meals from friends and people from our church! Let me tell you this is the greatest thing! You enjoy doing it for others before you have a baby but you don't realize how great it is until you have a baby and you can experience it first hand! All I can say is Yum! We have had some good meals already and are looking forward to the meals that come...Thanks everyone!

Everyday Holden opens his eyes a little more and has a little more awake time...He has changed so much already! Its crazy all that can happen in 2 weeks! We are starting to see a bit of personality come through even now:-) I can't wait to watch him grow...
I had to put this picture in because it is so funny! He often looks at us with one eye open its pretty funny...I have no idea why he does it but he does...We love visitors and have been so nlessed by all our friends and family...Holden is already very loved and cherished...Thank You! We love you all!

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Amanda Lomonaco said...

Yeah, welcome to the blog world. I bet you'll find it addicting like me. This is such a great way for those you love, especially out of towners, to keep up with you all. I linked to you on my site so that I can even check in regularly and I live right around the corner;-).

Love the winking photo. He is Sooooo cute! Does he look more like Tom with Anna's coloring?