Friday, August 18, 2006

The Morning After

This is Holden in our bed this morning...after the night of horror! Last night was the worst by far we have had! Holden was EXTREMELY gassy and disgruntled and neither mom nor dad could comfort him! I can't tell you how many times or how many hours I was awake last night and this morning but I am quite sure it was more than I was asleep...I was sure something was medically wrong with him and was ready to call the Dr....but he finally fell asleep and then at his 6:30am meal he seemed fine again...whew! We made it! That feels much better!

I know there will be many more nights like this some worse some better...but mom has decided to look into how her diet affects his belly;-) There will now be the Dr Sears "fuss food" chart on our fridge and hopefully we can find some easy things to exclude... So much for my "yeah right who would do all that attitude", which is what I had when I first read about that chart in the book...haha what a difference a day (or night) makes!
Here's hoping there are more good nights than bad!

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Jen R said...

Hi there! I found your blog through Amanda's. Such a small world. Hang in there with the sleep/ fussy stuff. We had a little boy in April and it was pretty tough with the parenting stuff, diet stuff, and figuring everything else out. But God is in control and he knows that you are the best parents for your sweet little guy.