Monday, August 21, 2006

Thank Heaven for Little Boys!

Having a baby in general is a new thing for us…And most of you know Tom and I were absolutely thrilled to have a Boy! But there are some nuances of having a boy that I was warned about and of course had to learn on my own:-) Some have taken longer than others…One thing, the “Peepee Teepee”, its not just a fun shower gift! Those things come in handy when you are changing a little boy! The picture shows Holden wearing his proudly…oops! Maybe it shows mom and dad having fun with him:-) Also, if you have a boy and you don’t want pee spraying out of the diaper, point the peepee down! Oh my goodness! This one has taken me forever to get! And many of my outfits later…I still sometimes forget to do it when I am changing his diaper in the middle of the night!

The past 3.5 weeks have been great and challenging! Never before have I been so tired…Ok maybe during third year architecture…but that was because I only slept 7hours in 7 days! So I am getting more sleep than that, but I am pooped! Sometimes I wish daddies could breastfeed too!
We have tried tummy time, although Holden only tolerates it for a few minutes…and I am really trying to nap at least once during the day while he naps!

This week I finally got back to the gym, that feels great! I have a diabetes clinic appointment at the end of this week, just for a follow up…that’s about it…Oh yeah this week Holden is 1 month old! Wow! I can’t believe it! Check back soon for a one month – birth comparison photo:-) Posted by Picasa


Amanda Lomonaco said...

Wait, is he flicking off the camera in one of these photos? And the peepee teepee hat was an awesome picture idea.

I didn't know about pointing "it" down either. And weeks later, after doing a load or more of laundry of peed on outfits everyday someone told me about that. Duh.

Robertson Family said...

haha not flicking off the camera but definitely picking his nose! Tom said I am in trouble for that one!

Staci said...

The peepee teepee is awesome!!! Where did you get such a thing? I NEED one of those!!!!