Friday, September 22, 2006

Feeling Better

Holden is feeling better…Thank goodness our family’s first cold is over! Whew! It is so tough to hear your little one struggling to breathe through his congestion! And using the bulb suction thing from the hospital is NOT fun for anyone!

I thought I would share with you his love of the animals on the mobile of the swing…He loves watching them go around and smiles and coos at them for long periods of time…read that “long periods of time for a newborn = maybe 15 minutes” but longer than most things entertain him…
This week we have had the onset of fall…which has meant pjs and long sleeves for Holden…and surprisingly we have found that he has outgrown almost all of his 0-3 month clothes…he’s only 2 months old! BUT the onset of fall means one happy momma…I love Sacramento falls…
crisp mornings and evenings, changes in the trees, warm drinks, maybe a fire or two, and of course acorns and leaves in our yard (poor Tom)…but most of all our annual trip to Apple Hill…hot cider and apple pie here I come! This year we will get to take pics of Holden with the pumpkins…last year we took our niece Makenna who was only a few weeks old…this year she will be 1! What fun that will be…
Here is some proof of smiles…wish it was for me…but no it is for the little birdies on his swing!

This one is for me and the camera…we get a few more smiles each day!

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