Thursday, October 26, 2006

Apple Hill

So Last week we went to Apple Hill...It is this area about 1.5 hours from us where there are vineyards and apple orchards galore...Fall is apple season, Winter Christmas trees, Summer berries, spring Irises...Tom and I have made it a tradition to venture up here at least every fall...I think we have been up here twice for Christmas trees as well...its fun to visit one of our favorite wineries...and just enjoy being outside...We picked up some apple cider and of course had a caramel apple and some apple pie...yum! Of course this year it was about 80 degrees so Tom's sister had trouble getting into the fall feeling:-)

Here are my guys:-) I got a series of them the last one they are both making a hilarious face...but I figured Tom wouldn't really appreciate it if I put that one up here...

Makenna is so much fun to photograph now because everything is exciting now that she can get around! She loved the hay and promptly got it all over her! And of course she used one of her favorite words...Cake!
Whats funny about this picture is I actually tried to set this up with Holden in it...first while I was moving the pumpkin on the right...I dropped it on my toe! And then as soon as we set Holden down he started screaming! I guess he wasn't in the mood to be posed! Luckily this one of Makenna turned out great!

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Staci said...

Sounds like fun! I was lol about your attempt to photograph Holden with the pumpkin!