Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

So I just couldn't bring myself to buy a costume for Holden this year...I mean we aren't going anywhere...so luckily my mom got him a cute My First Halloween outfit and some cute socks! Otherwise my child may have been scarred for life;-P So here you go his Halloween pic! Doesn't he look like such a little boy!
Beth, Josh, and Makenna are coming over tonight to have dinner and help hand out candy...I secretly hate handing out the candy...not sure what it is...I am quite sure I am not going to enjoy going door to door when Holden gets older...guess we will have to find a carnival or something else to do...who knows...Anyway have a great day!
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Staci said...

I love handing out candy...but we live out in the middle of NO WHERE and no one comes to our door :(