Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Out of Gas?

I hope so! This is one of those posts that Holden will be "oh mom" about...I plan on putting all these in a scrapbook:-) Anyway we have been having a couple of rough days...Holden has been SO gassy...the only thing that relaxes him is bouncing on the excercise ball...VERY tiring for mom and dad...He also has been waking up at 4:30 am to eat and be gassy...Its such a bummer when you know your son feels bad but you can't help him...I haven't eaten anything different than before so it is hard to know what is causing it...but man if I knew I would fix it...I hope it is just a phase and soon he will be my happy guy again who sleeps all the way through the night!
I put this pic up because it is SO cute...I took some awesome ones of him playing under his playgym yesterday those will have to come in a different post! We were so happy he found his thumb in the middle of the night! But of course he still needs to coordinate ...he doesn't always get it in his mouth...sometimes his eye...sometimes his nose...I am not sure how thrilled I am that he is sucking his thumb...hopefully he won't be like mommy...I was a thumb sucker for WAY too many years...Ok thats enough rambling!

*Update* I guess not...after screaming bloody murder for the whole morning...its now 252pm...I finally out of desperation tried these gas relief drops we had tried when he was first born (they didn't seem to work then)...about a minute later....gas was released from both ends...(sorry for the graphic description!) ah...now he feels better...he played for a while and then ate a good meal finally and zonked himself off...gotta love the milk coma...:-) hopefully now it will be better...Posted by Picasa

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