Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rolling Over!

OK I guess I will update from yesterday...not so good...the nap I was so happy about lasted about 30 minutes and then we had major crying sad...FINALLY when daddy got home of course, he settled down a bit and we had some quiet time...Tom let me have a break...I took a bath and he took care of the little guy...then it was bedtime...that didn't go so well...I fed him and put him down...he of course had Tom took care of him while I went to bed...He finally fell asleep around 11 I guess...poor little guy...BUT he slept until 6 am and seems to be feeling better...He's asleep again!

In other news and pertaining to the title...I guess we can say the rolling over has begun...he now rolls from his back to his tummy very easily...its the other way around that gives him trouble...I have been a slacker with the tummy time because he hates it...Last night we put him to bed on his back and at 6am he was on his belly...I put him back down on his back...and right now he is sleeping peacefully on his belly...not sure how that works with the "back to sleep" campaign...
My smiley guy! He loves his play gym... and he has discovered the ball...well at least when you put it in his hands... So overall he is a happy guy...I just need to figure out what I ate that set him off
In other fantastic hair has started falling out...I know this is normal just kind of a bummer...and annoying...

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Staci said...

Yay for rolling over! Don't worry about the "back to sleep" guys. My parents put me to sleep on my tummy every night and I turned out ok ;)