Tuesday, October 24, 2006

First Art Show

Holden's first trip to SF...and his first art show...mom and dad's too...Anna's dearest friend from forever ago flew from San Diego to Sacramento and spent the day with Holden...then we ventured to the city to catch April's husband Justin's art opening...It was great to see Justin's work in person...and to show off Holden of course:-) He did great we walked for a while and then made our way to the gallery... I am so glad both April and Justin got to meet Holden...Justin was fascinated as many people are on the many different holds Tom has for holding Holden...There was even some talk of an illustrated book! Funny! This one here isn't too fascinating...spend some time with Tom and Holden and you will know what I mean about the holds...

Family pic:-) See how much Holden loves his mommy!

Have I metioned before how much I LOVE my peanut shell sling! I carted Holden in this thing all over...and I didn't have to lug a stroller anywhere! He can be screaming in the car but when we get out and in the sling he usually calms right down! Thank you Aunt Paula!

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