Thursday, October 19, 2006

Swaddle Me?

So obviously this isn't Holden being swaddled...but up until this week we swaddled him every night...Why did we stop you ask...well after a few nights of less sleep we were asking ourselves the same question! But I had asked a couple of friends when we should stop swaddling and they all said, "you will know when he gets out of the swaddle, he is done with swaddling..." So after waking up a few mornings to Holden with both arms and legs out, with the blanket just wrapped around his waist and his hands in his mouth... I decided maybe he was finished with the swaddle...I think I also foolishly thought that if he had his hands free he might not need us to keep putting the pacifier back in his mouth...Let me tell you the transition has been a bit tough! The first night he kept waking himself up by 1) pulling the pacifier out of his mouth, and/or 2) flailing his arms above his head...Im talking my baby who went from sleeping 8-9 hours at night to the 3-4 hour stints! woah! I did not sign up for this again...Luckily the next night was significantly better, and last night I got a 6 hour stretch and then a 4 hour stretch and twice I heard him wake up and settle himself back down with no help from me! yay! We will see what tonight brings...
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