Saturday, November 18, 2006

First Flight

Today we took Holden up in Grandpere’s plane to “test drive” flying before we head on a commercial flight on Tuesday…We are heading down to the grandparents in So. Cal. For Thanksgiving…Holden did well as you can see here…for the first bit he looked around like, “what the heck is that noise?!?” and then he decided to fall asleep and block it all out…
It was fun…we flew out over Columbia, and then back and out over the Sutter Buttes…hopefully this means flying on Tuesday will be a breeze!

Here we are after the flight…notice the hands in his mouth…we think Holden is getting his first tooth! We can feel it right under the surface…yikes!
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Amanda Lomonaco said...

How was the flight down south? Did he do well? Hope so. Happy Thanksgiving!!