Friday, November 17, 2006


So normally we have a bible study at our house on Thursday night…last night it seemed no one was able to meet…sometimes…you wonder and then sometimes God does amazing things that are so apparent you just have to smile…Tom and I have been doing the new parent thing for what almost four months now…and sometimes you just need to spend time with each other and reconnect…that was what we did last night…we left Holden with Grandmere and Grandpere…and we went out for dinner…for once I didn’t worry about Holden or someone else getting him to bed…I just spent time with my husband, and was reminded of how much I love him, and why I married him and wanted a family with him in the first place…we had a great time and talked about things we had left unsaid…and things that didn’t have to do with Holden! Imagine that! Hopefully we can do this more often…Just for fun I thought I would include this pic…
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Amanda Lomonaco said...

Praise God that you can get that time once and awhile!! We tried last weekend when Mike's mom was here, but had to come back after an hour because Emily was inconsolable. It's nice to have your family around so that you can get out and not worry about your boy.

Love the wedding photo!