Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanksgiving Cont. (time with the family)

Holden loved Great Grandma Carol! He doesn't like to sit for very long but he was patient with her and gave her some joy as you can see in this picture...I am so glad Holden will get to spend some time with his great grandparents...Both sides Tom's granparents have passed on... As well as my mom's parents...I always wish Tom could have known Grandpa Berny as sometimes they seem very similar to me...and I know he and Grandma Ellie would have delighted in Holden as well...So I am glad he will know Grandma Carol and Grandpa Cliff!

Some nap time on Uncle Matthew...looks like he is comfy!...Tom and I are going to try to do a series of pics of Holden napping on different people...

Looking at pics on the computer with Grandpa! We looked at baby pics of me...and lo and behold...they look a little bit like Holden...
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