Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanksgiving Cont. (Aunt Paula and Uncle Matthew)

Lucy and Flynn love jumping on Grandma's bed! Here Dad is helping them get nice and tired for the evening:-) Check out Flynn's crazy hair! So cute...I learned something about photographing kids this trip...Its REALLY hard to get a decent picture of two kids! They run in different directions! At least with one you can chase after them! I am not sure we got any great ones...oh well...

Aunt Paula couldn't wait to get her hands on Holden! She is amazing with kids! I love watching was fun too to talk about the realities of parenting and new babies! She is really someone I can be honest with...and sometimes with the challenges of being a new mom those people are few and far between:-)

Here is Holden smiling for Grandma! She is so good with little ones...they all love when I lay Holden down on his blanket like this he gets so excited...I think he remembers all the fun he had with Grandma!
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