Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanksgiving in So. Cal.

Here is our Southern California family all together...This is the first time Holden met his Aunt Paula and Uncle Matthew and his cousins Lucy and Flynn...It was also the first time he met his Great Grandma and Grandpa...I think everyone was delighted to finally get their hands on him! The weather was beautiful...Tom ran and swam everyday, while I relaxed and let the grandparents and aunt and uncle take care of Holden:-) We had a great holiday! We have SO much to be thankful for...a healthy family and blessings too many to count!

Holden was trying out being the turkey! Don't worry nobody cooked him...he just played in the pan for a while:-) Tom BBQ'd the turkey again this year...I think that is 4 years in a row! BBQing always has produced a deliciously moist turkey...way to go Tom! Although I keep telling him if he wants to be off turkey duty he needs to burn it or something! My dad cooked most of the rest of the food...He made the best yams! We had a lot of food with some new twists on old favorites...

Holden was trying out grandma's excersaucer...hers has more stuff than ours...Lucy and Flynn helped him play too...mostly by pushing all the musical buttons at once:-) It was so much fun to see Lucy with Holden...she was enchanted by him and he was FASCINATED by her! I really hope they see each other a lot throughout the years!
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michael said...

Great pictures and narrative! Tom, that's pretty impressive that you swam and ran every day. Although maybe you were looking for any opportunity to get away from the chaos of the in-laws and extended family:-)