Tuesday, December 19, 2006


This past weekend I got to go to a Tea Luncheon for one of my friends...It was a surprise put on by her husband, and her family for her 30th birthday...Before we went we were asked to write a letter to her...basically giving us a chance to tell this amazing woman, what her friendship has meant to us, a chance to remember funny stories, and just a chance to give her a special birthday...I must admit at first I was a little nervous about writing something, but as I started I realized I had a lot to say to this friend that I probably wouldn't ever say in person. I am much better if I can write something down and think about it, than right off the cuff so many times things go unsaid...it was a really neat experience to then attend the tea and hear (we read them to her out loud) what each person had to say and how she had touched each one of their lives. It was pretty awesome to know that I love and cherish this friend, but that so many others do as well...

I am only writing about this because the past two years Tom and I have had some experiences that have really made us value our friends...we have had friends we have lost and friends we have gained...we have had friendships that have been altered, or that have become harder to maintain...but through it all we have also had many friendships that have grown...ones which have made it through the tougher times so far...One of the things I wrote about was how it is easy to be friends when times are good...but it is true friends who are there when the "right" words don't exist, and when the world seems so cruel. So to all of you who read this that are amongst our friends we thank you and love you and look forward to more times where we can grow as individuals and as friends.

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