Sunday, December 17, 2006

I am Not a Professional Photographer

So Grandmere got Holden and Makenna these cute Christmas outfits along with matching hats and mittens...So we wanted to get some pics of a festive setting like in front of our tree...I am telling you, wrangling a 4+month old and a 14+ month old is EXTREMELY hard work...I was basically shooting non stop...
which got some hilarious series shots like this one...Makenna thought it would be fun to continually take off Holden's hat and either run with it or torture him by trying to put it back on him...Im telling you we took about 250 pictures (thank goodness for digital media) and we maybe got 10 where you can see both of their faces...Beth and I were worn out by the end...
Holden says, "Hey give me back my hat!"
Makenna says, "Ok here you go!" Holden looks happy doesn't he;-P

By the way an update on the sleeping...he is getting up 2 times a night I think he is getting at least one of his top teeth...but last night as he was up and having a hard time, I told him about God and Jesus and how much he is loved...I prayed with him...and I felt such peace, that it was such a sweet sweet time with God and my son...I am thankful for the time I have...even if it is at 5am:-)
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Staci said...

I think it's such an intimate thing to pray with your child and share with them about Christ!