Saturday, December 09, 2006

O Christmas Tree

Wednesday was St. Nick Day, which my family has always celebrated...Here is Holden opening his first St. Nick present...He was more interested in the colorful tissue paper but it was fun photographing it! See tissue paper is GOOD! Don't worry I didn't let him eat it! We also decided to go to Apple Hill on Wednesday and pick out and cut down our Christmas tree...which I know is not the most environmental way to have a Christmas tree...but we will recycle it...and the place we got it makes you cut it so that the tree keeps growing...anyway, Apple Hill seems to be becoming quite the tradition...
Of course we stopped at Lava Cap winery...picked up our wine club shipment and took a picture:-) Holden LOVED being outside and the day was beautiful! We tromped around for probably an hour searching for the perfect tree...Holden liked reaching out and feeling the branches...He is getting SO anxious to move around and get into things I am sure it is only a matter of time!
This is Holden inspecting the tree we originally picked out...BUT when the "cutter" came he said that the way we had to cut it would mean it would only be 5' the trees are the same price up to 8' tall so that would not work so we kept looking and found a fantastic fantastic we forgot to take a picture of it! So I will get it decorated and then we will post more pics:-)

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