Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Genius on the Bum

Some of you know I have a little bit of granola in me...and most of you know I am using cloth diapers on Holden...Before he was born I spent WAY too much time online researching the overwhelming types of diapers out there and the different ways of washing and all that fun stuff...
Well when Holden came I was all set...I had two dozen prefolds with a few covers and I also had a test drive set from sunshine diapers...I thought I would never use disposables once I came home from the hospital...yeah right! I used the cloth for a few days and Holden came down with this funky diaper rash...We tried a few things, and some naked baby time (interesting with a boy)...But it came down to the fact that the diapers were keeping his skin a bit too wet...I even tried changing him every hour...didn't seem to work...
I was not to be deterred so I used disposable and cloth for a while figuring as he got older his skin would be less sensitive...more than once I thought of just using disposables it seemed much easier...I was so sad that it looked like cloth was not to work for us...every time I used the cloth he got this rash...bummer
Then when I was about to throw in the towel...literally...when I was searching online and found Bum Genius at Cotton Babies this diaper was touted as a "one size" diaper meaning it would last from birth to potty training...and the best part is you could buy one wash it and try it out for 2 weeks, and return it if it didn't work! Not all diaper companies will let you do this!
So needless to say I tried it...AND...I loved it! It has a inner layer that keeps baby dry and a soaker insert that holds a lot! Here Holden is showing off one of the fun colors it comes in! Anyway, so now I have changed over to all the Bum Genius, I use the one-size, and the all-in-ones...I don't have a complaint...I do have most of the 1.0 version which needs to be lined dried but the new 2.0 version can be dried yipee!

Holden likes the green ones too!

See how happy he is that we are not throwing thousands of diapers away! And if he ever has a sibling he or she can wear them too!

Here he is again! He has just moved up to the middle snap setting on the one size...and the mediums of the all in ones...Its a serious initial investment, but you save serious money down the road with a couple years until potty training and if you use them on multiple kiddos...The granola factor goes even further when you see I also use cloth wipes that I wet with water or a mild soap solution...beats the commercial wipes any day!
Ok so I know this is way more than you ever wanted to know about cloth diapers...but hey its my blog I can write what I want...If anyone has questions about something let me know!
On another note...Holden has decided to become vocal...he basically says "mama" for most things and then just screams in delight at everything:-) Its fun having such a happy guy!
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Amanda Lomonaco said...

Hey granola girl,

Loving when they can talk and especially when the word is mama. Emily is starting to become really vocal, too. This morning at 6 am she wouldn't stop "talking."

Kudos to you on the cloth diapers. I tried it for about a week because she had a rash for 3 months that wouldn't clear up. Sorry to say that I hated it!! Where do you put all of the dirty diapers and how do you rinse the poop out? My bathroom sinks were full of them...and the stench. What a mess! And it didn't help her rash either. Plus there was so much extra laundry to do...not for me.

Anyhoo her rash did just clear up with a steroid cream for eczema. Glad that Holden's did, too. Though I may miss naked baby time;-)

Jen said...

wow, great minds think alike! before i saw your new entry, i also posted about cloth diapers. thank you for the information about bum genius.

Staci said...

Glad you finally found one that works! I thought about it...but ended up going the easy route ;)

Does he have to wear bigger clothes because of the cloth diapers? I remember cloth diapers being so big and bulky...just wondered how that worked with clothes these days.