Thursday, January 11, 2007

Frustration Station

We have entered into that all too exciting time of frustration...Holden gets so frustrated that he can’t quite move around yet...its hard on everyone...he squirms around while you hold him, and wants to be entertained constantly...crawling seems to be he scoots a bit on his tummy and pushes himself along if you put your hands behind his feet...he can also stand for longer periods if you prop him up on something...sitting up seems to be close too!

Teeth on the other hand at least the next ones seem to be taking their sweet time...and only seem to be causing him pain:-( he has the two...which he has had for 2 months now...and has been grumpy for about a month now and the sleeping thing is getting worse again...who knows...

I could resist these arm chair pics...looks like his very own baby lazyboy;-P

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