Friday, March 09, 2007

Natural Rhythms and a New Tooth

I take a music class with Holden once a week...through a program called Music Together
It is a lot of fun and very interactive...It stems from a belief that all children are musical...the other week the teacher was telling us how each child has their own "natural rhythm" and that you will know what that is by their reaction when that rhythm is heard...I think the Jack Johnson is Holden's "natural rhythm"'s pretty phenomenal...he can be totally fussy and then I crank up the Jack and he instantly quiets down and listens intently! I use it A LOT in the car (read I pretty much know every word to the songs of the above pictured album)...Holden in general likes loud music...could be the few concerts I went to while pregnant who knows? One was so loud in this tiny room the musicians blew the amps, and I could feel the music in my belly...Anyway the result is when loud music comes on Holden calms some and even falls asleep! During worship almost every Sunday, at a wedding he conked out as soon as the dancing started, and Tom has used it at home...(he prefers to use U2) But Jack has never failed me so I use him...I am glad we have 3 of his albums;-P
On another note we finally have tooth number 3! And I can see number it is probably a matter of days! 3.5 months as the 2 tooth wonder has come to an end:-)
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Liam Garrick said...

Anna, I am jealous that you get to listen to music in the car! I am getting tired of the white noise static, but hey it beats a crying baby right? :)
- Dani

Sapphire & Dana said...

Sounds like a fun class!


Staci said...

Staple it together and call it bad weather ;) This song always get's Mike to matter what his mood!!!