Monday, April 16, 2007

Stroller Fun!

Sorry for the awful quality of these pics...but his face and his hair blowing in the wind were so fun! He loves the wind...and we went walking in serious wind yesterday which blew his hair he was so happy...
I can't believe its been a week since I posted on here! Its gone by so fast! Holden has just been crawling everywhere and pulling himself up on everything...He spends more time standing than he does sitting/crawling...Its still the crab crawl but he is getting faster!
He has an obsession with shoes, thinks they might be good to chew on YUCK!
Its so amazing to watch a child figure something out for the first time! It is SO much fun...I tell you...every time Holden pulls himself up he gets this grin on his face that is precious! I have been trying to capture it on film...but alas have not...
Thursday we had our music class start again...I thought Holden would be crawling all over but he basically stayed right by me...
This weekend we had a welcome brunch for Holden's second cousin Brynn...We all met at Aunt Sandy's house...Chad and Kristin brought Brynn...She was SO cute! and so tiny! I don't remember Holden being that small;-P I of course being the great photographer...remembered my camera...BUT forgot the memory card:-( So I have no pics to show for the fun time we had...its so neat to see all the kiddos together...Tom's cousin Carrie and her husband have twin boys (3yrs) and a son who is 6 week younger than Holden...then there was Brynn, and Tom's sister and her husband with cousin MJ...and of course the was a full house and such fun! And of course the food was great!
I guess that's it...I can't think of anything else...Oh yeah I am ALMOST finished with a new I will post pics soon on the project blog:-)
*Updated*Forgot to mention...Tom and I started to try out Netflix we had a movie to watch last night...we watched it in our bedroom on our new laptop:-) I got it for work...but it was fun to watch a movie on it! We watched Open Season...not good, don't waste your time...Thanks for the laptop dad;-P
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Amy said...

Too funny that he loves the wind. Those were great pics!