Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Baby Wrestling

So yesterday we got the kids together...and they had a little wrestling match...MJ of course was in control...of course I keep trying to tell her someday soon Holden is going to overtake her:-)
He doesn't seem to sure right here..."Mom what is she doing to me?" "A little help here people..." Actually he seemed to be having fun...maybe its all the baby body slams daddy does with him after bath time:-) He didn't cry or try to get away...who knows...
"People? Is there anyone in here watching this? Help!"
"Oh finally! whoa that was close...I almost had to institute the smack down!"
After all that wrestling they needed a snack! Here they are sharing space in the learning tower...If you don't have one you should...It allows your child to see what you are doing at counter level...and is safer than standing on a chair...OK that's my plug:-)


Laura said...

The Learning Tower sounds cool! Funny wrestling photos!!

Jamie said...

Oh me me me...where can I get a Learning Tower?

Robertson Family said...

This is the website...they have a list of retailers...don't pay for shipping someone is always willing to ship it for free...and to save some bucks try finding it on craigs list http://craigslist.org/about/cities.html
thats where I found mine...I got a good deal and went and picked it up!
Holden isn't quite ready to be in it a lot but he can hold on while he stands and it works pretty well:-) MJ climbs in and out of hers on her own now:-)

Amy said...

cute kids!