Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Coffee Fiasco

So Beth and I should have just given up...We decided to go to coffee this morning...I called her we set the time and I set about getting myself and Holden ready...of course mid-dressing Holden had a breakdown and nursed to sleep...so I call Beth she is in the car...so I say come over, watch Holden and I will go get us coffee (MJ can only handle in and out of the car so many times)...So they come over...while we are chatting Holden wakes up...good lets go...We drive to a new coffee place River Rock we get out go in...no espresso machine...BUT iced coffee sounds good...and it is...in fact I didn't need cream it was so good...

So we are enjoying our coffee the kids are a little outta sorts but OK...Holden of course is trying to get everything off the table...as we are collecting stuff into the middle he moves fast and swoosh ice coffee all over the floor and on him...YIKES! anyway the owner was gracious and came and cleaned it up...again, we should have left then...but no we wanted to talk...so we continue talking and MJ somehow falls and catches her chin on Beth's knee...much screaming...a little ice and we are good...we decide to leave...I go to pay (keep in mind I offered to pay and in fact didn't let Beth go back home to retrieve her forgotten purse), "oh you take credit cards right?"..."Nope not yet, just cash or check" Um, I hardly carry cash...and I definitely don't have my checkbook...so I dig in my purse...I have ONE dollar folks...and the bill is only 4...I dig some more...one more dollar of coins...Beth do you have any change in your car...NOPE...

I am mortified I have NEVER not been able to pay (Tom will kill me when he reads this too, because he is always telling me to have cash)...so the guy asks if I liked the coffee...I said yes...he said, "well tell your friends and pay me next time" SO gracious...Thank you...I mean its my birthday and we just had the worst kid outing yet...This man just blessed me...big time...

So if you live in our town (you know who you are) Visit River Rock their coffee is great, and the people are AMAZING!

Did we stop there oh no Beth and I tried to come home and get a project done...oh and catch a pic of the two kids for an upcoming project...they both needed naps and were in rare form...YIKES! Happy Birthday to me! Its been so crazy its hilarious! I am blessed:-)


Barb said...

Oh my word, what a nice guy. I can only imagine how embarrassed you were.

Those two children are completely precious. :-)

I'm new here. I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment and assure you that your name is in the hat for the wedding favor giveaway at my place.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you'll visit again soon.

simon said...

hey, you changed your comment settings. i never left a comment before because i couldn't be bothered to set up an account. just wanted to say hi and thanks for your comment on my blog awhile back.

update: i don't like to post this stuff on my blog since people at work might be reading. we are seriously persuing a career in wedding/portrait photography and even looking to moving back to slo. san diego is a killer on the bank account and architecture is boring me lately. if you know anyone in need of a photographer (and you aren't going to do it) send them my way. see ya.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Happy Birthday, my friend!!

I meant to call you, but my day was nutty and got away from me.

Love your updates and cute pictures as usual.

And Anna, I really appreciate your positive perspective and how you so openly talk about God on your blog. You're an inspiration.