Wednesday, June 27, 2007

11 Months!

In all the birthday hoopla, and drama yesterday, I forgot to post about Holden at 11 months! Yesterday marked our son's 11 month birthday...just one more month and he will be 1 year old! Oh my goodness! This year has passed by in a blink...One year ago today I was counting seeing my baby...and having a milkshake, and fries! Remember I had Gestational Diabetes...and I think it was right about at this point I started feeling REALLY sorry for myself...OK back to Holden...Here is what 11 months looks like to us...
: Weight? I have no idea...still around 20 pounds I would guess:
: Height...again not quite sure but 30+" I would bet...:
:Currently refusing to eat chicken...who knows:
: Still LOVES soybeans and cheese...especially the grilled cheese:
:Loves Annie's Cheddar Bunnies as evidenced here :
:Had first dried cranberries...YUM:
:I saw Grandpere giving him whole chips pita and wheat thins at my party...he didn't seem to choke so I guess it's OK...probably my fault since I told him most of the table was fair game...:
:Eats grapes, and most fruit:

:LOVES the water...any kind...cures all least for the moment:-):
:Has 8 teeth still, but there are signs of new molars trying to come in:
:SO happy most of the time:
:Says, "more" while signing it..."Bye, Bye" while waving, and when it is actually to someone leaving..."hi" most of the time when someone he knows says it to him...:
:currently everything else is "baby":
:Found his belly button, which goes "beep, beep", mommy and daddy's too:
:Walking, well he has taken a few steps...stands unassisted a lot can see him realizing its its just a matter of time:
:Still Holden the Hurricane:
:LOVES baby body slams with daddy:
:Figured out the screen door leads him to the outside, and that it's easy to open:
:Found his snack cupboard:
:He watches EVERYTHING I do so he can get into it later...:
:"Helps" with laundry...mostly pulling things out of the washer onto the floor, and pulling all clothes out of there place...whether the laundry basket, or the drawers...and yep throws them one the floor:-):
:Is still obsessed with shoes...only now instead of eating them he tries to put them on his feet:
:FINALLY he is loving towards MJ's babies (shh don't tell her she doesn't like to share her babies...everything else is OK but not her Holden only gets her bath baby and those that are left behind at our house:-)):
I think that's it...
Oh and by the way...I went back for more coffee today and settled my tab:-) And my birthday was great! Tom and I went out to dinner...with out Holden...thanks grandmere! And we talked, and had a great time! And of course my husband spoils me...Came home Holden was asleep...again thanks! He woke up before midnight, and then slept till 6am...the sleeping is coming...OK till next time!


Sapphire & Dana said...

How fun! He's got the most beautiful eyes!


Amy said...

Happy birthdays to you and Holden!