Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Last Day of Vacation

Today we go home...It has been a really great trip! I am sad to go...Yesterday we got to hang out with my old Youth Pastor...he now lives in Hawaii, and pastors a church there...It was fun to see him and his wife and son...
Have I mentioned Holden the Hurricane? Loves to get dirt bombed...thought the sprinklers and the mud that came with them were quite fun!
Holden being entertained by our guests from Hawaii:-)
Here is the group of us...Holden is trying to get away!
For some reason Holden did not like his bath that night...I think he was worn out from our guests, the swimming and dinner with the great grandparents:-)Here he is this morning...practicing his walking with Grandpa...I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip:-) And the endless pics of Holden:-)

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Staci said...

Love the mud pictures!