Monday, July 16, 2007

Lower Loch Leven Lake

So...I told Tom the other day that I was feeling like I needed some "family time" some time with my husband and my son where we were not at home doing our own thing...time where we had to talk...and it was just us...little did I know what Tom had in store...a hike...a hard one at that! Well the guide book says moderate...I think I will pencil in moderate/difficult...OK maybe I am a wimp...We were hiking for 4 hours! We haven't done that in a LONG time...since before Holden was born...Tom picked the the lower of the Loch Leven Lakes...he packed in Holden...about 3/4 of the way up our legs were burning:-) Let me tell you when we got to the lake we were relieved, and I felt a bit proud...I haven't worked my legs like that since before I was felt good...I always mentally get my self all worked up...but then when I am out there I really have fun...Holden loved being outside...he did really well...makes me think he is ready for camping... We enjoyed a late lunch by the lake...I had packed Holden and Tom and I enough food for what I thought would be a lunch and a snack...We ate it all...Holden who had already had a big breakfast...had a huge lunch! He loved digging in the mud around the lake...and eating with muddy fingers:-)

It was nice to get Holden out of the pack and roam around for a while...Then some ducks came to visit us...they must be used to people feeding them...they came right up to us...Holden was fascinated by them...and considering "duck" is one of his was neat...I don't think he connected that these ducks were ducks as what he calls ducks are rubber and swim with him in the tub:-)

We took this family pick on the way back...don't we look tired?

Guess Holden was tired:-) It really was a lot of fun...and I am so thankful for Tom...if it wasn't for him I wouldn't get off my butt, and outside nearly as much as I do...I love being in nature...but my mind sometimes psyches me doing stuff like this because he likes to helps me get out there and have fun:-) Thanks Tom!


Staci said...

I never thought of wearing my camel back on the front! Thanks Tom for the idea!!!

kimcheebasa said...

sounds like fun! Your a champ!