Monday, July 30, 2007

Sweet Time

OK I know I owe you a birthday post...and a party post...But we've been busy with family, and now it seems Holden is having some fever...maybe from his shots? who knows...anyway, I will get to a post soon...but in the meantime enjoy this video clip (I know it is sideways...I'm new to the video posting...heck I don't even have a video camera...never have...this was taken on my dad's point and shoot digital)
I love it when Tom pulls out the guitar...its almost a daily occurrence these days...and when he does Holden's eyes light up! SO SWEET!


Staci said...

So sweet!!!

Jamie said...

Great video. Anna, Preston had a high fever 6 days after his one year shots. It even got up to 103.5. Dr. said it would last 2-3 days which is exactly what it did. Hang in there.

Amy said...