Thursday, August 02, 2007

First Birthday Party!

This past Saturday we had a family birthday party for Holden...I made the above invite and sent it out to our families...All the local family came as well as Tom's cousin and his family from Rohnert Park! It was a fun day:-) Even if Holden was feeling a little off from his shotsHere is the birthday boy! I love the crown!
Here is Holden and MJ on Grandpere's lap...<
I made these Backyard Bug Cakes from Williams Sonoma It was fun...I made a pretty simple banana cake and then decorated with chocolate, cream cheese frosting and sprinkles...the kids loved them! Here's a close up of the ladybug...I am in no way a cake fact this is only my second attempt at anything like this! They tasted good too!
Here we were singing to him (we did this on his actual birthday too) He doesn't look too sure...the pic in the background is a framed 1 week shot...I had a couple done I hope to use in a 1 year photo shoot really soon! I am having trouble getting motivated!

Holden really likes to share! And when he gives you something he says "dank koo" (Thank you...) Tom and one of his cousin's twin boys...Tom had the he always tries random shots...he actually gets some good ones while fooling around!

Holden and cousin (2nd cousin?) Brynn...she traveled all the way from Rohnert Park! And wore her pretty dress just for the occasion!
Showing you how happy he is on his feet...He still only takes a few steps at a time...BUT he is spending more time on his he was semi running those few steps!

The Gang...I just love how baby O is peeking out of his baby carrier...his mama made that she is making her own baby carriers...and makes carrier accessories...She also made Holden a bag and a GREAT bib...seriously the bib is great because it is nice and big!

Here is Brynn with her mommy...such a precious shot!
It was really such a fun day! I am so glad everyone came! I can't believe I have a one year old! So fun!


Staci said...

Cute, cute pics! I love Holden's shirt too! It's perfect!

Robertson Family said...

Thanks! I made that shirt!:-)