Monday, August 06, 2007

My Little Guy is 12 Months!

Well this post is well over due! Holden turned 1 year on July 26th...had his 1 yr appointment on the 28th and then had a couple days of off and on fever after that...we have been busy! So here is what 12 months looks like to us!

He got this red wagon from grandma and grandpa...can you tell he loves it!

:Weight 20lbs, 12 oz...:

:Height 30 1/4" :

:The big news is his head moved up from 20% to 55% the nurse measured it twice! Must be he is growing some big brains;-P:

See How much fun he is having?

:Still refusing to eat meat most of the time:
:Loves cake, as evidenced below!:
:Eats almost everything now, although still prefers yogurt and fruit:

Opening his present from grandma and grandpa...see the 1 week old pics in the background? I still haven't done the photo shoot!

:Is working on teeth # 11 and 12:

:Has new words everyday:

:Still walking more and more each day...but prefers to crawl:

:Loves his new lift the flap book from Grandma:

:Loves the firetruck, and nesting blocks from Grandmere:

:Loves the legos, and shopping caret from mommy:-):

:Aunt Beth just got him a Melissa and Doug Sushi Set which he really seems to like...ironic since Tom and I got sushi the other night and he had some of the rice and some of the other ingredients...he seemed to like eating from my chopsticks:-):

It looks like he is blowing out the candle...I think he is actually saying "oh!"

:He says dada now as much as mommy and really loves to spend time with Tom:-):

:says hat and tries to put hats on instead of only ripping them off:

:can locate his head if you ask him...and your eye if you ask where Holden or mommy's or anyone's eye is he points to the closest person's eye...not his own...:

:hmm I am sure there is more...we have so many times where we cuddle, and where he wants to be close and just interact:-):

:Oh yeah he started kissing back:-):

: inspired by Staci's Post I started teaching him to blow kisses...he learned it in one day! But only does it if you do it to him:-):

Yummy Cake!

Am I supposed to be eating this?

I had to put this in just look at how his toes are pressed against the tray! I love this! He does it all the fact he likes to hook his toes on things...including in my back pocket while he is in the sling:-)

Are you done with the pictures yet?

This year has been amazing...every time I sit down to write about it I come to tears...My son, the one who Dr.'s said it looked like we were going to lose in the early pregnancy days...I can't tell you how much we prayed for God's will...of course we wanted this life to be part of the plan...and we are so grateful that he granted us the chance to raise this amazing little boy...I cherish each and every night we have been up and i have had the chance to tell you of Jesus and His love for you...I know the days where I am your all are so short and I want to remember that look that is in your eyes when I walk into the room...I want to remember how sweet it is when you touch my cheek or reach out to me when you are you throw your leg up when you are you crawl into my lap and give me a hug every time you walk a few steps to me...There is so much I hope I never forget...your ridiculous scrunched nose smile when you are being funny...or your big contagious dimpled smile of pure delight...You are pure joy personified...such a happy has been so fun to watch you grow, smile, sit up, crawl, stand and see you interact with your family...especially daddy...I never knew what joy having a child would bring...and even though it also brings challenges I thank God for every day we have had and all that are to have taught me patience, and so much more...I love you little boy...and I hope you always have that special smile just for me:-)


Staci said...

I should never have read this at work! I'm sitting here crying!!!

Kristin said...

What a sweet reflection! I too cried (at work) reading this!

You could have took the words right out of my mouth!

Jamie said...

Perfectly put as always Anna! I can't believe how much he looks like you in the last picture.

kristen pollard said...

wow...the big 1! i loved your reflection on the past year. so sweet. he is such a cute little guy. we got max that same wagon when he turned 1. i have a recommendation- radio flyer makes inside padding for it, and an umbrella that attaches on- it makes for a much comfier ride. we ordered ours on

Amy said...

Look at those big blue eyes!!! I can't believe it's been 1 year!!!

carolyn said...

You brought tears to my eyes, too. What a perfect way to describe the joy of being "mama." :)

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Such a sweet 1 year update. Thanks, Anna.