Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Recap - Christmas Day

Since most of the festivities happen Christmas Eve in my family...Christmas Day is a low key morning with sleeping in for the parents (and playing with the new/old toys for the kids and grandparents:-)) Holden's pretty excited about the car wash (that lives at grandma's) He carried that thing around everywhere...its a little big for him to carry, but he did it!
One of the kids favorite things about grandma's is jumping on the bed...uhoh...Holden had never experienced this before! He loved it...I was afraid he would be sad when I didn't let him do it at home...but so far no sadness:-) At Grandma's he kept saying, "dump...bed...dump...bed" and heading back into their room with anyone who would take him...
Atomic drops are very fun too!
Look how much fun Lu is having!
Holden learned how to "smile" and say cheese on this trip...he thinks you do it even if you are the photographer it's pretty funny!
Christmas night we had a great Christmas dinner and ended the evening with a birthday cake for Jesus and more Happy Birthday singing...It was very fun and Lu had a great time making the cake and decorating it with grandma:-)

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