Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Recap - Local celebrations

The Friday before Christmas Tom took a half day and we all headed up to Apple Hill. It was a beautiful day and we had a wine club release to pick up:-) Besides who can pass up fresh apple cider, and apple donuts...YUM!
Holden thought this tractor was great! In fact he didn't want to leave it! Look at him trying to figure out what all the levers do!

"Hey mom, can we take this home?"
This year was our year to travel to my folks...we switch off Thanksgiving and Christmas between the families...We thought we were going to miss Tom's family celebrations, but luckily since we didn't leave until Sunday, we made it! Look at all those happy to be having their picture taken...Ha! It was fun to see the cousins, and chat with the adults:-) We don't see them all that often even though we live fairly close...
We had birthday cake for Jesus and sang happy birthday to him...There were also gingerbread men to decorate, Holden never even got to the frosting before the poor gingerman's head was eaten...oh well...probably better for him to eat it sans frosting and sprinkles:-)
Holden loves to "help" Grandmere play the piano...

It was such fun, a great way to start the festivities! And the next day we headed to Palm Desert to see my folks and my brothers family:-) But that's another post!

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