Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Just a little glimpse into our world:-)

Holden is feeling out his independence lately...Everything is much better if he can do it him "self"...climbing into the tower..."self", getting food onto a spoon/fork and then into his mouth..."self", drinking from a big cup..."self", oh did I mention climbing? on everything?..."self", even pulling up his own pants..."self", and don't try to interfere with anything he will let you know if he needs "hep", otherwise you might get stomping and whining "self!"

ETA: Thanks Jamie! Holden gets this trait from both of us...Before we had a child Tom and I discussed how stubborn our child/children may turn out to be because we are both "dig your heels in" kind of people...Makes for great "go getters" but a little difficult on the relational side...Tom and I make it work, but we know this about each other and it took some time:-) We are both pretty independent and don't like to ask for help...I think it comes from our stubbornness:-) We could be in for it for sure!

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Jamie said...

I love that their independence is already forming. Preston is the same way and although it is frustrating at times I can see already that it is going to be a major part of his personality. Does this trait come from you or Tom. P definately get his from me!