Monday, February 11, 2008


So Friday, we left Holden with Tom's folks and started up the hill...We went back to the Loch Leven Lakes Trail...we found that trail in the Snowshoeing book I got for Tom a while is supposedly one of the best trails in Northern California...It is Beautiful!
Here's Tom all ready to go!
We hiked up to this tree...well a little bit further...not that you know where the tree is LOL...Snowshoeing is HARD work!
I took this right after we much of the snow had been was so beautiful!
Tom "resting" or waiting for me!:-)
The tree again:-) I LOVE my REI mini-tripod...makes pictures like this possible and it packs anywhere...
Snow and Sun what more could you ask for! I can't wait for Spring!

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Staci said...

Gorgeous pics! I wish we could do fun stuff like that when it snows around here, but it's just not the same when everything's flat as far as the eye can see!!